Case Study - Chartres Labyrinth, St Andrew Church, Longton

The church had some funding to transform a wasteland area within the Church grounds. It was decided to use this opportunity to try and introduce a new focal point for year round community events and to provide an outdoor area for Sunday school. The symbolic design of the Chartres Labyrinth was chosen and consultation with the contractor of how to implement within budget began.

PietraPave was initially considered as an option because the intricacy of the design could be met using a natural stone. The speed of installation keeps labour costs to a minimum something other solutions couldn’t provide. The design process continued and following the selection of the colours and final finish of the stone the 6.2m diameter Labyrinth went into production.

On arrival to site the ground was prepared ready to receive the PietraPave mats. The crates all carefully labelled so the design can very easily be reconstructed directly onto the ground. The first mat was ceremoniously laid at 12.30pm, with the final mat laid before 5pm the same afternoon. Over 30m² of setts laid with tremendous accuracy to a bespoke design in only four and a half hours.

Following completion the revitalised area has been welcomed by all attracting a lot of attention from the congregation of the church and wider community, even the local media is showing an interest.

PietraPave has provided a complete solution, from the early design stages on the drawing board all the way through to installation on the ground, something that has been built to last.

It looks absolutely amazing, far better than I envisaged. It was so straight forward to put down, the installation flowed easily. It was much quicker to lay than we could have ever imagined. Definitely something I would use again.

Paul Kenworthy, Landscaping Contractor.

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