Case Study - Bespoke Path Private House, Hoghton

The client had requested a traditional cobbled path linking the front of the house to the rear garden a total length of approx 65m. The contractor had started to establish prices on various options to suit the brief including PietraPave, a product he had not used before. The projected costs made PietraPave a clear option.

Working with the contractor we suggested having PietraPave specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirement to accelerate the installation. The result was two interlocking mats, that when placed together formed the exact width for the path eliminating the need for cutting on each row as well as hand placing each individual piece.

The installation on site was even faster than imagined. With the accuracy of PietraPave, the mats went down one after another with very little adjustment all perfectly in line.

Nexus Pro-Joint V75-WT was used in joints to complete the project.

“The progress made in little over 30 minutes would have taken us close to two days, on top of that the finish looks amazing, far better than doing it by hand.”

Jason Gooch - Bedrock Landscapes

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